I made these for my mom; I used Rowan Kidsilk Haze and the white rabbit wrist-ees pattern by tiny owl knits on Ravelry. Loved working with this yarn again, it’s so soft. You can’t tell very well, but there are three colors; white, grey, and blue.


This is a scarf I made using the Wisp pattern I found on Knitty. I used Rowan Kidsilk Haze and bamboo buttons. It took me a while to get the pattern down; not that it is hard but I haven’t done many lace patterns. Love this scarf! Made it as a gift for a friend who lives in Hawaii – I thought it would be a pretty accessory that wouldn’t be too hot.

I had yarn left over from this bunny rabbit, so I made a quick little hat with a gigantic pompom –


I haven’t made a pompom for, say, fifteen years or so … guess I got a little enthusiastic. I loosely based the hat on this pattern from Millibug Knits!, although I pretty much just used it for a guide on how many stitches to cast on and how to do the decreases. Even there I altered it – the pattern called for SSK decreases but I find K2tog easier, and since you can’t see them anyway due to the yarn texture I figured I could do what I wanted. Man, this yarn is tough in some ways – drop a stich and there goes fifteen minutes of increasingly frantic prying and poking, but wonderfully forgiving in others (weaving in ends, not my finest skill, is so easy, they just disappear in the fluff). I love making hats, there is something so satisfying about watching them take shape in my hands. I am also continually pleased with my ability to handle five DPs with agility and without poking myself in the eyes.

Still waiting for sewing machine to arrive. Knitted this extremely soft and fluffy bunny blankie/lovie thing (pattern is Bunny Blanket Buddy – Knit by Lion Brand Yarn on Ravelry) –

I did not use the Lion brand chenille yarn (my yarn store didn’t have it), but the Sidar Snowflake was suitably soft and cuddly. Need to work on my embroidery skills, although I have been assured it has a very cute face. The whole “P1 S1 to make a pocket” idea was brand new to me – I didn’t know that’s what the pattern was doing until a few rows in when I got it right and saw what was supposed to be going on. Frogging this yarn was not the easiest thing – the little blobs? Scruffs? Fluffs? of yarn kept catching on each other. I knitted it back up the right way (minus one or two wrong spots that resulted in a rather jaunty dimple). Super cute, I would have snuggled with it more myself if it wasn’t a sudden 86° outside.

I had yarn left over from the Lil’ Devil hat, so made up some booties (pattern is Mary Jane booties by Lucie Sinkler on Ravelry) –


Very cute, love the ankle straps. The pattern called for button closures, but I thought ribbon would offer more flexibility for ankle size (i.e. if baby has chubby legs). Also, I didn’t have any cute bottons. Very quick, took longer to weave in the ends than knit the bodies.

While I wait for my new sewing machine to arrive I knitted up this adorable hat (pattern is Lil’ Devil Baby Hat by Kitty Schmidt on Ravelry). I love how it looks with the variegated yarn –

There is a little pattern with the colors, all due to the magic of the yarn. There was some discussion that the tie ends look more like hearts that devil tails … oops. This was a fun project because I got to practise I-cord more, as well as picking up stitches (for the horns and earflaps). I also learned how to do a provisional cast-on with a chain of crochet … which I messed up but can see how it was supposed to work. This is supposed to fit a 3-6 month old, we will see!

This is a handy tutorial on provisional cast-on I used –

Provisional Cast-On Tutorial at Bella Knitting