With the leftover t-shirt scraps from the dress, I made a stuffed platypus –


I followed the tutorial by Pauline McArthur that I found on All Free Crafts. Mine came out a little bit crooked, but I love it and think it’s adorable. Who doesn’t want a stuffed playtpus?!


  • Sewing the turning slit shut didn’t work that well for me. I couldn’t find a way to sew it shut invisibly, probably because I was using knit material and in the tutorial she is using fleece. My boyfriend said I should have made the slit between the front legs and then covered with a heart applique. That would have worked, or I could have made it in the seam. In the end I rolled it over to the seam and did the best I could to make it blend in.
  • I used small felt circles for the eyes.
  • Love the floppy little feet (they and the bill are not stuffed).
  1. Ms. M said:

    Alright, this whole set may be my favorite 🙂 It’s hard to say, though, because I love everything you have made so far!

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