Ruffle skirt

I  made a ruffle skirt –


It started out with a XL mens t-shirt I got off the clearance rack at Old Navy –


I am not really sure what “I Clover Budweiser” means, but the shirt was just what I needed. I followed Kojo Design’s tutorial for a newborn ruffled skirt. When I first got the idea to learn how to sew this summer this was first tutorial I saw that I knew I just had to make! It’s so adorable and I love the idea of using the t-shirt.This project went okay. My sleeves seemed shorter than the ones in the tutorial, but maybe I just don’t remember how small newborns are. My machine was a little put off by the ruffles; it makes a particular sound when I ask it to sew through more layers than it is comfortable with, but it ended up handling it better than I expected.

To go with the skirt I decorated a onesie with a flower made from Make it love it’s baby blanket and hat tutorial (I had perviously used the tutorial for the monkey hat) –



Notes –

  • I just left the gathering stitch in the ruffles, it seemed more trouble to remove than it was worth. Next time will try to remove it to test this idea.
1 comment
  1. Ms. M said:

    Indeed, what does “I Clover Budweiser” mean? Ha. Anyway, this turned out wonderfully! I love it. 🙂

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