Kimono Baby Shoes

I made a pair of kimono-style shoes to go with the Kimono Top –


I used the free pattern and tutorial from HomeSpun Thread. It’s a pretty simple pattern – which I managed to make a mess of, ha! I wanted to make a larger size so I tried to enlarge the pattern by hand – I made a mistake and didn’t figure it out until I finished them. Oops! Where I went wrong was the angle of the line from the toe that goes up to the ankle – it was too steep so there wasn’t a big enough opening for the foot. I remade them in the original size; I just wanted to have a successful product. Good lesson on how maybe it’s a good idea to make a paper or muslin toile of an altered pattern before just going off an sewing it. All part of the learning process! I put felt in the sole – Baby Girl won’t need it but I liked how it added structure to the shoe. I used a yellow check cotton for the lining that I had gotten as a remnant at Joann’s. It was my first stash piece, ha!

Notes –

  • There are other examples of this shoe made with adorable embellishments!
  • So, yes, enlarging patterns not as simple as I thought …
  • Wish there was a way to have the interior seams covered (they are not that noticeable, but still …). Will have to think about that

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