Onesie Dress

Next up, I made a onesie dress from a onesie and t-shirt I found at the dollar store –


I was inspired by kojodesign’s pieced jersey tutorial, and also used Prudent Baby’s 10 minute onesie dress tutorial. Mistakes were made – the first time I attached the skirt I didn’t get the edges tucked in all the way so had to rip it out and resew it (good practice with my new seam ripper!). I love the exposed edges, very cute. If T likes this style I can see making more. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind making a skirt version for myself! I am curious about how it will fit – the seam for the skirt shortens the onesie so I wonder if it will fit smaller than original. I appliqued a outline of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man … no reason, other than I love that guy. I used Heat N Bond Lite; this was my first time doing iron-on applique and it went pretty well. I love the possibilities, I am already planing the next appliqué project! I ended up stitching the edges by hand (not shown), that’s what I get for having a 1.5 inch design …

I found this video on fusible adhesive by Wendi Gratz to be very helpful!

Notes –

  • Gathering went well, but make sure raw edge will be covered
  • Heat N Bond was really lightweight, nice that it didn’t add bulk
  • Think about just cutting bottom of onesie off and making a dress without snaps (maybe for when older?)

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