I made a kimono with this great Dia de los Muertos fabric my boyfriend spotted at Joann’s –


I used the pattern from Habitual. This was an important project for learning how to look at a pattern and decide what to do first. There are some seams that I wished I had done before other ones, and maybe some of the topstitching would have been easier if I had done it before sewing the sides together. But, yay for a (mostly) successful first-time use of bias tape! I am not sure if the contrasting thread on the bias tape works or not, but that’s what happened. Also, the arms look small in proportion to the body, not sure if I made a mistake with the pattern or not. Again, will have to wait and see how it fits. I love the fabric; Baby Girl’s dad is a tattoo artist and has done beautiful Dia de los Muertos work. I was excited to be able to incorporate that with this project.

Notes –

  • Think about which seams to do first – I wanted to topstitch the seam under the sleeves, but couldn’t because I had sewn the side seams.
  • What is the best way to finish the ends of bias tape? Must look that up …
  • Maybe next time use bias tape at the cuffs/hem?

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