Crossover Smock

My first Official SewnReal-size Item of Clothing That an Actual Baby is Going to Wear –




I used the pattern and tutorial from Mad Quilter. I was so nervous when I was cutting out the pattern, even though I had almost four times as much fabric as I needed. The corners on the top of the straps were not easy, although I found that drawing my stitch line with a fabric marker really helped. The pattern called for topstitching, but I decided that it didn’t need that. I also added the little button and flower on the front. Finally, I swapped the location of the buttons and buttonholes because I liked it better that way. So, yes, buttonholes! Things did not go smoothly at first. What would have helped me to know was that if you stop the machine in the middle of making a buttonhole (because, for instance, you have a huge knot forming on the underside perhaps due to incorrect tension, hahaha) it will not reset, and will start the next one in the same place. Makes sense, but not something I intuitively knew and this caused some mild swearing until I figured out what the deal was.  After some help from my boyfriend I got it sorted, and it works great now. He also picked out the buttons, they are perfect!

Some notes about The First Project:

  • Man, ironing is key. I believed them, but now I believe them. Ironing really helps, and brings the project together.
  • Drawing the stitch line was really, really helpful. I will be doing that for curves from now until I am better at sewing them.
  • Buy extra thread! I used 100 yards for this, and was down to the last couple of yards when I finished. I will now buy an extra spool.
  • My boyfriend is incredibly useful in many ways. Thanks, honey!
  • I used Keka Lou’s tutorial on sewing a seam shut, it was helpful.
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  1. Ms. M said:

    These are looking fantastic, Sarah! And I really like the layout of your blog. It reads like your crafty reflection journal. Is it mean to say your buttonhole story made me smile? ;P

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