Pink pompom hat

I had yarn left over from this bunny rabbit, so I made a quick little hat with a gigantic pompom –


I haven’t made a pompom for, say, fifteen years or so … guess I got a little enthusiastic. I loosely based the hat on this pattern from Millibug Knits!, although I pretty much just used it for a guide on how many stitches to cast on and how to do the decreases. Even there I altered it – the pattern called for SSK decreases but I find K2tog easier, and since you can’t see them anyway due to the yarn texture I figured I could do what I wanted. Man, this yarn is tough in some ways – drop a stich and there goes fifteen minutes of increasingly frantic prying and poking, but wonderfully forgiving in others (weaving in ends, not my finest skill, is so easy, they just disappear in the fluff). I love making hats, there is something so satisfying about watching them take shape in my hands. I am also continually pleased with my ability to handle five DPs with agility and without poking myself in the eyes.

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