Bunny blankie

Still waiting for sewing machine to arrive. Knitted this extremely soft and fluffy bunny blankie/lovie thing (pattern is Bunny Blanket Buddy – Knit by Lion Brand Yarn on Ravelry) –

I did not use the Lion brand chenille yarn (my yarn store didn’t have it), but the Sidar Snowflake was suitably soft and cuddly. Need to work on my embroidery skills, although I have been assured it has a very cute face. The whole “P1 S1 to make a pocket” idea was brand new to me – I didn’t know that’s what the pattern was doing until a few rows in when I got it right and saw what was supposed to be going on. Frogging this yarn was not the easiest thing – the little blobs? Scruffs? Fluffs? of yarn kept catching on each other. I knitted it back up the right way (minus one or two wrong spots that resulted in a rather jaunty dimple). Super cute, I would have snuggled with it more myself if it wasn’t a sudden 86° outside.

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